Tribute to Life by Ian Newbery from Sweden. Granite, 2007

Artist Statement

Perhaps the most significant time in history is this moment. Learning this simple lesson takes a lifetime. If we truly understand the implications of this fact, we would end wars, environmental destruction, starvation, and use our riches to forward knowledge and enlightenment.

Art is a necessity of the privileged, performed by those who find it a necessity to be privileged. It would be self-deluding to claim that I am an artist to change the world into a better place. Art is simply a necessity that occasionally communicates something important. Luckily it sometimes strikes a chord with another human being.

Art is simply a necessity that occasionally communicates something important.Ian Newbery

Artist Biography

IAN NEWBERY was born 1960 in Northampton, England. He is based in southern Sweden where he has been living since 1982. Ian Newbery has monumental works all around the world and is represented in collections and museums in over 20 different countries. Among the highlights in his career, he was chosen to represent his Swedish town at Duluth University Art Institute, USA in 1996. In 2002 Newbery was awarded an honourable prize at the Guilin international sculpture competition in China and his work purchased for their art museum. He was also awarded 1st prize in Takamatsu International Stone Sculpture Competition in Japan and commissioned to make an outdoor sculpture for the city. He received a personal invitation from the Beijing Sculpture Institute to attend and participate in the city of Zhengzhou International sculpture exhibition. The exhibited work was purchased as part of Zhengzhou art collection.