Before the Wind by Matthew Foster of Maine. Granite, 2014

Artist Statement

For this sculpture, the inspiration came from the people and the landscape of Bucksport. The residents’ sincere wish was for a sculpture for the children of Bucksport, and the generations of tomorrow. With this in mind, I created a piece that reaches back into Bucksport’s maritime history and its connection to the natural world around it.

My hope for the children is two fold; first, that they never dismiss their heritage, but instead return to it often; second, that the wind is always to their backs, propelling them forward, like a ship running before the wind. I attempted to embody the spirit of the town in the local stone, with a naturalized form and flowing arcs, and an energy and vitality generated with the balancing mass. Through abstraction, I hope that not only Bucksport’s current residents, but all of the sculpture’s visitors, will be able to connect and interact with it.