Deer Isle

Deer Isle Project by Attila Rath Geber from Hungary. Granite, 2014

Artist Statement

The Deer Isle Project is a site specific sculptural project based on a relationship between the sculpture and its ultimate, in situ landscape. The sculpture was formed without preconceived plans. Specific concepts were developed through interactions with the natural features of the location. Responding as a sculptor using material native to the island determined the possibilities of the project. The space required large dimensions, while the weight constraints and technical-technological conditions set boundaries for the project. In the course of examining the possibilities for the sculpture, I visited a dramatic variety of locations on Deer Isle and on Crotch Island, the quarry from which the granite was donated. Places, people, and dialogues: the idea evolved under different impressions while searching for the alternatives.

I wanted to reflect the natural elements. I decided on the creation of an artwork which maintains the greatest respect for its surroundings. I kept the natural aspects of the stone in a form such as could be found in nature, and in this context lies the subtle influence indicative of the creator’s presence. The elaborate stone becomes geomorphic; its appearance, the quality of its surface, is similar to any other natural stone (even ones found in the immediate vicinity); however, its form is simultaneously a contradiction to natural experiences.