Nature’s Grace by James Boyd from New Brunswick, Canada. Granite, 2011

Artist Statement

The backdrop for my sculpture in Eastport is a beautiful harbor. After learning about the history of Eastport and its long association with the sea, I chose to create a sculpture that in a sense paid homage to nature.

My sculpture consists of two main elements, a leaf and a sail shaped out of Jonesboro granite. The leaf is an image that I have used in the past in some of my sculptures. I see the leaf as a connection to nature and a metaphor for renewal, hope and transformation. A sail on a vessel is not only functional but also a beautiful object that uses the powerful force of nature to fill its graceful shape.

The art that I make is a reflection on life and our fundamental connection with our environment. It is my hope that my sculpture Natures Grace engages the viewer to contemplate our shared existence with all life on this planet not our domination over it.