The Gate by Ahmed Karaly from Egypt. Granite, 2009

Artist Statement

The Gate is part of a larger project that started in Egypt and continued being developed in Italy over a period of 15 months. The result has been exhibited in the Egyptian Academy of Rome (October 2006) and was presented to the public in a private exhibition in Cairo, January 2008.

Gates is a collection consisting of pieces of art of Oriental influence, to which I have applied a modern vision. These gates are going to be monumental and be placed in different parts of the world. Such monumental gates are already exhibited in Egypt and Turkey.

The idea is using architectural units and transferring them in sculptural works of art. Experiencing sculpture in Egypt made me discover that Oriental art has a huge potential, which needs to be developed and given a modern shape, so as to be understood by the public and carried on. I have chosen for this project a few architectural elements, such as muqarnas, whose climax in Europe is in Alhambra Palace, Spain.