Sublime Portal: Whispering Stones byJon Barlow Hudson from Ohio. Granite, 2011

Artist Statement

This sculpture is a portal; from here and now on the land, to the away and gone beyond on the distant sea.  Many docks here on mid-coast Maine have a portal at their head, not unlike the torii of old Japan.  The other reference I am making with this sculpture is the history of the site, which was one of a train station on this site at early Hancock; a place of arriving and departing, as through a portal.

There are a variety of motifs that I explore in my sculpture. The portal is one that particularly intrigues me, as are other elements of eclectic reference.  In WHISPERING I have worked with the motif of the ancient Chinese jade object called a cong, or ts’ung tube.  The square of the form is earth; the round cylindrical space through the object is the heavens.  Another inspiration was seeing the cave paintings and sculptures in the French film Cave of Dreams, about a newly discovered cave that goes back 40,000 years. Yet another inspiration is reading about the early stone structures of New England that were utilized for solstitial determination and the different engraved languages associated with these sites.

This sculpture is a portal; from here and now on the land, to the away and gone beyond on the distant sea.Jon Barlow Hudson

Artist Biography

My art and sculpture career has progressed from previous incarnations carving religious icons in Tibet and designing sacred spaces in India, working close to the land in ancient Scotland and bringing my fellow Native American peoples together in the Idaho region – I was born in Montana and lived my first five years in Casper, Wyoming. My art-works today bring together all these and more recent experiences, feelings, thoughts and techniques.

Since we supposedly choose our parents, I chose a father who was a writer, a violinist, a professional magician, a hydro-geologist and a builder of dwellings. My mother was a weaver, a writer, a teacher and an activist in the public realm. These influences inspired me and were stimulated by our living in and traveling all over the world throughout my life. The first overseas adventure was to Saudi Arabia in 1951 for three years. During these times in foreign lands, where my brothers and I had free rein to explore, we either lived near to or visited such architectural and monumental structures as Baalbek, Petra, the Acropolis, Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, Chartres, ancient kivas and vast natural environments of desert, mountain and jungle. All these experiences, adventures and inspiring peoples have formed me and my career as a sculptor of works of art for public environments.