Dialog by Roland Mayer from Germany. Granite, 2009

Artist Statement

On the first day after my arrival I visited the final spot of installation of my sculpture in Lamoine State Park to get a first impression of the marvelous landscape. This visit was for the purpose of enabling me to locally develop specific ideas for the conception of my sculpture concerning size, direction, visual axes and for the choice of suitable granite blocks. With the generous support and help of the Salisbury family, we could organize the splitting and preparation of the big stone blocks with professional machines, before the stone material was transported to the Acadia National Park where the actual symposium work had to be started.

My sculpture consists of three individual parts and contains geometric forms, which all form one unit. The play of forms of load-bearing and borne parts, the treatment of the diverse surfaces—from the split to the drilled and from the bush-hammered to the polished surface—all this offers interesting, exciting and changing sights and views depending on the lighting conditions and the spectator’s position. A dialog comes up between the monumental sculpture, the natural environment and the viewers themselves.