Transitory by Dominika Griesgraber from Poland. Granite, 2014

Artist Statement

My participation at the Schoodic Symposium, set up against the ocean’s openness, provided an entirely new perspective that proved to be catalytic in determining the execution of my project. It was immensely beneficial to me for a multitude of reasons. Aside from contacting a rejuvenating creative dialogue with other artists of different cultural and aesthetic backgrounds, new insights sprang also from my contact with the local people who lent me their curious glances thus provoking the expansion of my project’s concept.

My sculpture, “Transitory,” created during the Symposium is intended as a reflection upon the notion of identity, marking it, revealing it, hidden and evasive as it is, integrated nevertheless in the solemn and strong architectural form of a granite column, acting as an auricle, receiving and transmitting the echoes of the vastness that lies ahead and within.