The Art and Life of Peter Weil


Peter Weil created well over 500 works of art in wood, stone, and metal. This book forms a catalogue of the sculptures found in the artist’s private collection. Weil’s mentorship of Jesse Salisbury, the founder of the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium, was instrumental in establishing Salisbury’s life long passion for sculpture.

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Peter Weil (1933–2019) created sculptures for over fifty years before retiring his welding gloves, hammers and chisels, choosing to focus on the beautiful scenery around their charming and rustic home in Steuben, Maine. Peter and his wife, Jane Weil moved to Maine in 1971 and fell in love with the area. Passionate art enthusiasts with a strong belief in mentorship, community and civic duty, their impact in the state of Maine has been significant. Through their support of the grassroots effort behind the Maine Sculpture Trail and Weil’s mentorship of Jesse Salisbury, its founder, as well as many other local and state projects, they have become a lasting part of the cultural heritage of Downeast Maine. Weil’s sculptures are understated masterpieces, whimsical reminders that our humanity is both exquisite and humorous at the same time.

This book features over 90 color images, with studio photos of Weil’s private collection of sculptures in wood, stone, and metal. Foreword by Bolek Peplowski and an essay by Jesse Salisbury.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up near Peter and Jane. Seeing his work as a small child sparked my interest in sculpture. Studying with him from a young age gave me a chance to begin an early exploration of direct carving in hard materials.”    – Jesse Salisbury

“Weil’s wit lies on the surface, and the sagacity is just below.”     – Bolek Peplowski

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