Gate of the Sun by Jörg Plickat from Germany. Granite, 2011

Artist Statement

The place in Sorrento where the sculpture will finally be installed is directed to the north so that the sun will pass by during the day behind the sculpture.  This gave me the idea to create a gate sculpture.  From ancient times you find ritual gates in all cultures of the world.  Egypt has the pylons, the Romans their victory arcs, the Japanese have shrines in form of gates in the water, the Incas had their ritual sun gates-and all over Europe you find stone circles with ritual gates from Celtic culture.

I made a series of gates, some monolithic, some created from 4 or 5 stones.  This gate will be the largest I ever made with about 15 feet in height. The place in Sorrento needs this big dimension.

I had a good time here in Prospect Harbor in the Stinson house, we had good food, some nights made together music on the balcony and we all had the fantastic view over the bay.