Sisters by Roy Patterson from Maine. Granite, 2014

Artist Statement

The human figure in sculpture is my significant form. I seek content that connects art with life. I want to see and make sculpture that is timeless and unconcerned with trends in art. I do not think sculpture has to be figurative to be timeless. I choose figurative sculpture because it speaks to me. I choose stone because it has a timeless, living presence.

The figures in “Sisters” were interpreted with abstract language. Realistic detail and anecdotal connotations were suppressed. The intention was to create a presence in space, a sense of being that merges with the primal presence of the stone.

International sculpture symposiums demonstrate the bond of creative endeavor shared by artists from all over the world. Sculptors with widely divergent artistic approaches work side by side. The creation of art is the antithesis of the destructive forces that cause so much suffering in the world. Artists, art collectors, and arts organizations share the responsibility to support and nourish creative energy. The channeling of creative energy is an act of peace.