A Glimpse of the Moon by Jesse Salisbury from Maine. Granite, 2007

Artist Statement

“A Glimpse of the Moon” is my latest sculpture that explores movement and the motion of rock. The term motion used by granite quarriers is a natural seam in the rock caused by the movement of the crust. Amotion is a clue to the stone’s direction of movement and a way in to harvest the rock.

Over the past ten years, I have practiced splitting rocks thousands of times. My current work is the result of years of study and experimentation splitting rocks. I start with a large stone, split it into multiple pieces which are then carved. These geometric and organic forms are then put back together like a puzzle.

With my work, I am demonstrating the movement possible in what is generally seen as a still, solid, and permanent medium. My sculptures show a glimpse of the movement of the crust and geological time. I carved a quarter moon in this sculpture to also suggest time and  seasonal changes.