Sullivan Tower by Jo Kley from Germany. Granite, 2014

Artist Statement

My main art project, KleyCity, aims to connect cultural and historical ideas and aspects of different countries worldwide. The project consists of a fast-expanding collection of tower-shaped sculptures, erected in 15 countries to date.

I chose the shape of a tower as a universal icon, that is understood by any society and race. In many ways, I suppose, all towers can be viewed as an archetypal desire to get closer to divinity, to reach eternity, and to partake in progress. It is my ambition to invite you into KleyCity as a global network of towers conserving the dreams and ideas of ancient and modern society, no matter where in the world. Everybody is welcome.

For Sullivan, I created “Sullivan Tower,” a 5.5 meter high sculpture. I have spent a wonderful time at Schoodic Point. I enjoyed the amazing beautiful country, the coast, the granite and the nature. And, the most important, I have made some new friends. So “Sullivan Tower” is your house and it’s my house, and I hope to come back.”